Hi All,

I have a quick question to pose.

I have been primal for just going on 3 weeks now. I feel that I am now a fat burner vs.carb burner. I do about 45 min of cardio in the am before breakfast without ever feeling hungry. I could go all day without eating... so around 11-noonish I eat lunch while I am not really hungry. Lunch consists of about 100g of lean meat, turkey usually sometimes chicken, 1 or 2 eggs and a plethora of veggies with some cheese on top. Then as soon as I start eating I get ravenously hungry!!! and remain hungry even after I have eaten until a few hours after, sometimes all day. This just started about 2 days ago.

Would eating a kiwi and a banana 2 hours before bed(I was craving something sweet!) a few nights ago have anything to do with this?

I am fine before eating...But hungry during and after? This makes no sense to me!

Does anyone know what is going on? I would keep on my IF and be satisfied than eat and be hungry! But I cant not eat....

Thanks for your help!