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Thread: Fed up with tight thighs on jeans page

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    Fed up with tight thighs on jeans

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    I am not shaped like jeans. I don't have stick legs and a huge belly. I have generous thighs, only getting more so with every squat I do. I got this idea from some lady's blog. I'm a terrible seamstress but it actually worked for me. I'm going to bring back bellbottoms.

    I slit the outer seams, sewed three men's ties together per side, sewed the ties into the slit seams. Hemmed them (because they were too long) and then I was done. Took the whole afternoon but now these jeans that hurt to sit in are super comfy and even the gaposis in the waist isn't so bad anymore.
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    Ha! That's a great retro look!

    I don't understand jeans. I do not have a small waist. My hips are 38" and my waist 33" at the moment. And yet when I try on anything other than old lady jeans, if they fit in the hip they are huge in the waist. What are these girls shaped like?
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    cute! They look great on you!

    Also... try western wear for clothes. I went to a western wear store and Wrangler Jeans worked great on my huge thighs. Also, they had a few shirt brands that had generous arms, with slim torsos. Of course they are all sparkley, but putting on a shirt that was kind of loose on my arms and fitted through my torso was amazing!
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    I've worn only men's jeans for YEARS. I have a 14 year old boy's shape...despite being 58!

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    Looks great! I'm all for 70's. And I second the Wrangler jeans. I used to get hand-me-downs from a friend and she bought hers at a place called Bi-Mart which I think might be an Oregon thing. Just simple, inexpensive ladies' Wranglers.

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    I don't understand jeans. I do not have a small waist.

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    I love the jeans and you have a great figure!

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    Awesome job!

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    I love this!! Super cute!!

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    Very cute! It will be fun to see how many people copy you. The day will come that you'll be walking down the street and you'll see your jeans in a boutique or on somebody - just wait and see!

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