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    I find dress pants a lot harder to find than jeans! Jeans look OK with a little snugness in the thighs. Dress pants or khakis look AWFUL on me. If they are just fitted to my thigh, they are HUGE over my butt. Think diaper ass. All of my good work clothes are dresses or skirts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    Get Levi's 501 Jeans. They will fit.
    They have never fit and I'm old enough to have purchased them before they made other styles.

    And Oxide, you are correct. The problem is not me. If there is no size you can be and have jeans that fit, then it's not your body, it's the damn jeans.

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    I wear skinny jeans and boots, with a belt to solve the waist problem, if I'm dressy. If I'm at work, I wear scrubs, which are essentially pjs, with a tank top under and boyshorts for when they fall down---it's inevitable, usually in the midst of a code or procedure.

    I own a skirt. One. My daughter and I share dress pants----I'n 51, she's 23. We both wear a 4.

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    I find the whole skinny jeans craze quite horrible really. It's really hard to find jeans that aren't skinny, even second-hand. I also find skinny jeans tight around the legs and too low-waisted. It's not just women that are conditioned to have those skinny, under-muscled legs - guys' jeans are often skinny these days too, and they don't look hot to me, more like unhealthy.
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