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Thread: Fed up with tight thighs on jeans

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    Skinny jeans strangle my calves and knees. I can't sit in them. They are comfortably tight when standing, but test squats in the dressing room always result in plumber's crack. I don't have large calves, they don't fill out most boots, and my thighs are not abnormal either. Regular pants, a 6 fits me fine.

    Whatever happened to buying good brand name jeans? I just tried on some Levi's at Kohls, and while I don't know if would help with your thigh-fit issues, I found them incredibly comfortably and the fit looked great, as well as not revealing too much when I lift my arms or squat. They had straight-leg options, which is my preference (not as tight as skinny, not as loose as bootcut). I tried the 525 straight-leg.
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    I don't know what you wear your jeans for, but I find it difficult to clean stalls, ride horses, and hike through the brush in skirts and dress pants. That might just be me, though.
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    Another fellow frog-legger here. Built my legs on a bicycle in my teens. Shrunk them by taking up running for a few months, but now they're coming back anyway since I've added more muscle mass all over. I just wear a belt because the waist is never the right size. Cheap, easy, done.
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    I can wear skinny jeans, but that's because I have no waist. Not overweight or chubby in the midsection, but I'm short-waisted so there isn't any room for it to go in.

    What I can't find are shirts that fit. I dislike baggy clothes, and if the damn shirt fits in the torso, it is too tight in the arms. Luckily, I just got my sewing machine back. Will have clothes to fit shortly.

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    Yeah, shirts don't fit my arms either. They tend to be too tight and too short. When I was young, it was fashionable for women's/girl's blouses to have a buttoned cuff around the bicep. I never could wear that. T-shirts fit fine for me. Long sleeved shirts are always too short unless they've got thumb loops. Thumb loops are the best invention ever. Sadly, this feature seems to be limited to stuff you wear for outdoor sports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    Combat pants and a belt - there solved it for you
    I wear them daily right now*, but not because I like them, and definitely not because I think they look good.

    *Active-duty military at the moment.

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    Get Levi's 501 Jeans. They will fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptocode View Post
    Get Levi's 501 Jeans. They will fit.
    No, they didn't. Mostly because they don't come in my size, also because the waist gapped.
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    Hey sb!

    Smells like an unmet need here... Know any starving seamstresses willing to start a small business?? Limit the plan to serve only the frog-legged (love that, Knifegill, I do), you being the first customer.

    I recently bought a small stack of brand-new men's corduroy pants because the girlie corduroy pants were made for those with twigs for legs. (Denim makes my legs hurt with the cold in the wintertime.) Bejeeeeeesus, who has legs that thin?! I don't lift, but I have always had stockier leg musculature, thigh and calf, even before I added baby- and antidepressant weight, so I get it.
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    My problem isn't the waist or hips; it's the pooch belly. Even stretch jeans always bound my waist (ouch) when I sat down. They made the pooch belly pooch out. Jean makers tried to solve the problem by lowering the waist. Those horrible things bound my crotch and gave me muffin top and my shirts came untucked and exposed my skin to the cold. Women's office-type dress pants aren't much better.

    I threw in the towel. If I can't fit into pants at 103 pounds, <i>the problem isn't me.</i> So now, I only wear leggings with a skirt, and sweatpants or hiker pants on weekends and casual days. (Royal Robbins zip off hiker pants, Amazon has them). All of my office wear is skirts, skirted suits, and dresses.
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