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Thread: Heavy Weight/Low reps AND Lower Weight/High Reps....Problem?

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    Lightbulb Heavy Weight/Low reps AND Lower Weight/High Reps....Problem?

    About Me: Beginner Powerlifter: training for Strength gains + Mountain bike control/stamina + general physical preparedness for my work which can involve intensive manual labour.

    BW 168. 5 rep max DL 325 SQ 260 B 165... Yes the squats are below parallel

    I generally lift once every 4-5 days.

    Warmup: 500m row, foam roller, burpees

    Exercises: Squat 5x5, Deadlift 5x3 +1x1x1x1x1@ 95%, Bench 5x5, Chins, Dumbbell OH press, Bent over rows, grip work. Weighted myotatic sit-ups on bosu ball.

    This takes a good 1.5 hours, I rest between sets for a good minute.

    Since I'm interested in muscular endurance esp. for mtn biking...Are there any good reasons I shouldn't blast out a couple sets of 20 reps at say, 115 for squats and deadlifts? After the heavy work is done?

    As I understand it, this would cause some growth of the intra-muscular blood vessels, which should be very functional for anything cardio related? Apart from some extra soreness, are there any drawbacks to this? I generally have lots of energy in the tank at the end of these workouts despite going all out, nearly blacking out on the heavy squats and deads.

    Unrelated: Anyone else doing tabata skipping? Double unders???

    Thanks for reading! Here, have some fresh beats whilst you type up your replies.
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