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Thread: Writings on the cave wall!

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    Writings on the cave wall!

    I started my primal journey three weeks ago. I am 37 soon to be 38. My starting weight was 325lbs on a 6'2" frame. I will include my starting measurements in a future post. My starting goal was to get off my diabetes mere which I have not needed for two weeks. Second goal was to get below 300lbs.

    Today I did my 21day weigh in and I am officially under 300 weighed in at 296. I travel next week for work but I look forward to the challenge. I have not changed my excersise just to see how I would feel. My joints feel better and moving around and squatting down to play with my kids is so much easier.

    I look forward to my next 90 days to challenge my self even more.

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    Wow, amazing results, way to go!!! Well done.....

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    Keep up the good work!

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