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    Are plantains primal?

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    My mother is from Ecuador and I was raised on A LOT of plantains. We ate ripe plantains fried in oil (the way Mark described them in PB) - and I love those- but my main question is about green plantains. My mom used them in a 100 different recipes, and I LOVE them. I've already given up the rice- I'd hate to give up the plantains too! The green ones are quite "starchy"- and you can even buy plantain flour- but I don't know how "primal" it all is. Fried plantain chips, mashed plantains with tuna, plantain soup, the list goes on and on.

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    They are primal. I personally don't think that munching out on mounds of fruit is very healthy but I'll eat a plantain.

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    Put them in the same category as sweet potatoes.

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