For more than 10 years I have been suffering from what I've always thought of as "low blood sugar" where I become extremely shaky and get to the point of nearly fainting almost once a day, especially about an hour after breakfast, but also sometimes in the afternoons as well. I have never gotten satisfactory help from any of the doctors I've seen, even those who practice integrative medicine and tend to be more aware of nutritional issues. I've heard everything from "your blood sugar is totally normal, there is no reason this should happen" (um.. but it is happening?) to "you just have to eat more often" (more often? I don't think that's possible, I was constantly eating in order to keep it from happening!). I've even been questioned about my diet and have always heard, "Your diet is VERY healthy" (no processed foods, low fat, lots of whole grains, a tiny bit of protein, even gluten free), but clearly something was wrong... (also a year of being vegan added nearly 20 lbs! argh!). Although I wasn't really a big refined sugar person I always used honey and agave in things like coffee and yogurt, very liberally to be honest.

Just started Primal about 1 month ago to lose weight and gave up honey and agave along with the grains (and welcomed meat back into my life, delicious!) and the "low blood sugar" seems to be gone! It's such a miracle and was totally unexpected! I feel so good and hopeful and have already lost a bit of weight too.

Then, the other day I was in a situation where it would have been very rude to refuse a homemade dessert from a new friend so I had a tiny bit (a 2" square of a gluten-free brownie). Within 10 minutes I could feel the sugar surge just wash over me and when I got home an hour later I had the WORST low blood sugar moment I've had in a long time, I felt like I was dying! It was such a wake up call. Now I just keep wondering, how has no doctor ever said to me "have you tried not eating any sugar?" And how have I never thought to ask myself that? I guess I always assumed that a bit of honey or agave in my food was no big deal. Clearly it is! All I have to say is good-riddance sugar and hello health! And here's to hoping for weight loss along with it.

Thank you for all of the incredible information on this forum as it has helped me tremendously so far.