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Thread: BioSignature - Bodyfat

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    BioSignature - Bodyfat


    Recently I had a BioSignature assessment with a Charles Poliquin trained practitioner and was informed I had an imbalance of cortisol which was causing me to store body fat in this region of my body.

    I'm a classic ectomorph body type with a body fat % of 19% with the excess body fat being around my abdomen. I am 6ft 3, 78kg and used to do lots of running as well as resistance training.

    My training programme devised from this assessment is to: lift heavy compound exercises 3 sets of 8 reps four x per week; cut out my long duration cardio; cut out all carbs; increase my protein intake; meat and nuts for breakfast; and increase my intake of fish oils, zinc, multi-vitamin tablets.

    My goal is to just tone up with maybe 3-5kg increase in lean body mass and loose this little excess body fat around my abdomen.

    Do you think it is absolutley essential to cut out all carbs (sweet potatoe, yams, butternut squash etc) or just for the first 30 days or so?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Warm regards
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