So ive noticed since the new year, my binge trips have not been a one off ad i initially planned. I hoped to get it all out of my system and reward myself for a relatively clean 2012, and start fresh in 2013. But a mixture of moms traditional cooking, and an insane sweet tooth on the loose, I have found myself struggling...

Now im not overweight or anything, or bummed out about it too seriously, but i worry about my mental side of things. Its all to do with mental state of mind, ive become mentally weak and caving in too easily! Bnges are potentially dangerous, as they can be intended as a one off and snowball like it has in my case!

The other thing thats tripping me, beside the fact i still live at home and only one to eat clean so to speak, is the lack of a accountability buddy. I need a paleo partner basically. Thing is dating scene and paleo are just too taboo in my social circles, so i have to continue to battle on. Good thing is 2 of my close friends eat really clean and one is just about primal as it can get, but has bread and stuff here and there so its good on that note, i got someone to confine in.

Nw the other problem is, i need to loosen up a bit and allow some primal safe starches and sweets in my life, but i need to regain control of portions and moderation. I plan on throwing in more rice and sweet potatoes, and only resort to dried fruits and dark chocolate for dessert fixes. I also need to get some nice receipes in my collection and jump on the fat wagon again to readjust my fat adaptivity before introducing the carbs again, in lieu with that i gotta start pumping in the probiotics with kefir and sauerkraut to try restore some of the damage the last 3 weeks have done.

Realising this is all a brain fart i just felt like typing it

Anyone is welcome to introduce themselves to junkfood anonymous