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Thread: Initial Primal Results + Morning Headaches?

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    Initial Primal Results + Morning Headaches?

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    Hi All,

    I am about 8 days into primal. I am eating as follows:

    1000: Whey Protein Shake
    Lunch: Meat/Fish salad with olive oil
    1500: Fruit /nut snack
    Dinner: Meat stir fry or meat salad

    In 8 days I have lost aprox 4 pounds and 3% body fat. I was 172cm, 72kg and 23% fat (tanita body fat scales) before starting.

    I work out every second day, mix of weights, indoor rowing, elliptical trainer.

    Overall very happy BUT...........

    In the morning I wake up with a horrible headache - I am not drinking alcohol at all for month of Jan - so its not that

    Any thoughts?

    Many Thanks!!

    PS: I am drinking lots and lots of water, dehydration is not an issue
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    Could be what we call a carb flu caused by a sudden reduction in carbs towards the beginning of going primal. It will pass.
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