Hi all,

Been listening to the “Reasonable Doubts” recently and they speak highly of CFI, so I thought I’d come over.

I’m a quality auditor for a biological manufacturer and a classic video game collector and enthusiast.

No religious upbringing. Joined the Mormons at 18 and was fairly active and satisfied for about 6 years.

Took a terrific religion class in college when I was struggling with my faith. For my marriage’s sake, I tried to keep my doubts on the down-low, ultimately not participating in church. This fence sitting went on until just recently, I’m 33 now and I’m just exploring atheism and developing my world view. Though this is difficult for my wife and her Mormon beliefs, she’s an amazing individual and we are coping just fine, with the occasional argument.

I haven’t joined any local (Omaha Nebraska) non believer groups yet, but a vitual community may be a good start.