So, I like to Crossfit 2-3 times a week, and take an entire week off from training every 8 weeks or so. I'm looking for a way to quickly recover and lessen the excruciating DOMS. The Progenex stuff all the boxes promote have soy and milk and sucralose, so, um, blech and NO.

A bit about me;
I'm a 33yo woman, no health issues, 5'4.5 and slenderly build, though I can easily put the muscle on. My problem is that I get serious DOMS about 48 hours post WOD. I mean, like, debilitating soreness and rubbery legs that can barely support my own weight. My knees snap back and I have to walk slowly, and I've even lost my balance several times. This can go on for 4-5 days. I don't lift nearly as heavy as I'd like to, and this happens even if it's a bodyweight-only WOD. I don't feel that I'm working beyond my level of fitness. The soreness was never this bad when I was just doing traditional weightlifting routines.

I've already tried cold soaks, mineral baths, and foam rolling, with no lessening of the crippling pain. I used to eat wads of protein or have a big whey shake back in the SAD old days, and it was hard on my tummy. And I feel too guilty to quit CF, since I have 5 more months on my expensive membership that's already paid in full.

Please oh please help me, buff warrior people of the Primal world!