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Thread: Anyone tried meat-only days?

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    One of my favorite things is a ribeye fried in butter or bacon grease with a fried egg on top and plenty of pepper.

    I've gone days on just meat, eggs and a little bit of butter for frying. I won't eat a lot on those days.

    Take a look at Paleobird's thread on going carnivore. You may enjoy it.

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    I recently had my third babe, who is exclusively breastfeeding. Throughout my pregnancy and now, I find that I *need* some sort of starch (carbs?)..I have lost the pregnancy weight, but I would like to drop another 20lbs. I have been tracking a bit to see where I comfortably land, and my macros/cals end up fine as long as I eat clean. My milk supply is good, and babe is gaining well (he is 7 wks). Do you think all meat will have any effect on milk supply? It will most certainly put me into ketosis...might the milk taste funny as well?

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