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Thread: YAYOG or CC

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    i'd also throw "never gymless" in to the mix of books to consider. ross enamait is the man

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    A couple of questions for Goldust:

    Does YAYOG include sprint-like activities for cardio, or were you doing them in addition to the program like most people do with CC?

    Is it possible the results that you got from YAYOG were from the time you spent on CC, and continuing CC with similar effort as you put in with YAYOG could have gotten you similar results?
    The closest thing to sprinting activity in YAYOG would be the Tabatas and the Stappers which are introduced in weeks 7-10 of the ten week cycle. The Stappers have you doing a set amount of reps of three different exercises over a twenty minute workout.

    The only other additional training that I do is martial arts one day a week. I used to own a grappling/mma gym that I ran for about ten years. I closed the school a few years ago but the friend that is still training CC comes over once a week and we train boxing/submission grappling for about an hour. I figure that way I won't forget how to do some of the stuff that I spent the better part of twenty years learning and my friend is a prison guard who needs the training to keep from getting beaten up at work.

    I'd say that the results that I've seen have to do with the variety of exercises in YAYOG as I saw similar results the first time that I did the routine. I don't know what it is about the workout but my wife commented that when I do YAYOG that my arms, particularly my biceps, seem to blow up and get visibly larger. I'm sure that the reason that my shoulders have gotten larger/more well rounded has to do with the upward pressing exercises like the military press and dive bomber pushups. When I was doing CC I hadn't gotten to step 6 in the push ups and pull ups so I hadn't yet started on the handstand pushup work which would have eventually addressed that.

    Don't get me wrong I liked the CC workout, the time spent on it certainly wasn't wasted. I'm not suggesting that I didn't get good results from it.

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    I am just starting YAYOG, and I have found it very simple if you are using the app. I think that takes the complexity of so many different exercises out of the equation. I just look up the four exercises before I start the workout, and if I am not sure which ones they are I watch the video.

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    I'm reviving this thread because I'll be moving soon, and I won't be able to afford crossfit until I find a new job at the new location. I'll still be able to afford membership at a globo gym, and I'll try to find one that has barbell racks. However, there's going to be some time (a couple days to a couple weeks) when I first move there that I won't be able to hit the gym because I'll be staying with friends while looking for a place to live. I need something to do during that time so I don't lose everything I gained doing crossfit these past couple of months.

    After reading this thread, I'm leaning towards CC. I looked it up on Amazon, and there's CC and CC 2. Are you guys talking about CC--specifically, this: Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness--Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength: Paul Wade: 9780938045762: Books ?

    Anyone think that I should go with YAYOG instead?

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    Some things to sway you to the YAYOG side. First the mobile app is amazing. You can see videos of every exercise, it has timers and reminders of when your next workout is. It's like a personal trainer form2 bucks. Second, the longest workout is only 36 minutes. Easy to fit into a busy schedule. Third , have you seen Mark Lauren. He is the real deal. Who is Paul Wade?

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    Hey Guys..first time here - sorry to Hijack the thread - quick question -
    I am starting YAYOG next week - have both the book and the Iphone App. I also have been doing beach body insanity on and off for a while now. I like insanity but its not very useful for muscle building and thought I would do YAYOG for that. I am looking for advice - can I do both at the same time like doing insanity in the morning and YAYOG in the evening? I dont want to over train either. I am reasonably fit and have been completing Insanity workouts without much issues - any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou for your time.


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