Iím trying to determine roughly how many calories will be in a given batch of bone broth. I realize that barring investing in a calorimeter, this will just be a hopefully decent guesstimate.

Letís say that 14 gms (1/2 oz) of the average fat has about 100 calories.

If I weigh the bones before and after making the broth, should the difference in weight be the reference for the calories?

For example, I weigh the bones pre-broth. I make the broth; no veggies, just bones, water, a little salt, and a tablespoon of vinegar (negligible calories). The result is (arbitrary numbers here) two quarts of broth. The bones have lost 4 oz of weight in the process.

So, 4 oz of fat would be ~800 calories. Suspended into two quarts of broth, or 8 cups, that would mean that the broth had roughly 100 calories per cup.

Is this remotely logical? Is the assumption that everything the bones lose in weight is fat erroneous?

Thanks in advance for any insights and help.