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Thread: Laxatives and Constipation

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    Question Laxatives and Constipation

    I must be addicted to Laxatives, I have IBS and can't seem to get off them. Has Anyone every successfully done this?

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    Yep. I started using laxatives in college. One day in my thirties, I realized I'd been taking them daily for over 10 years. I went off them slowly. I was afraid that if I went off them fast, I'd get constipated. Slowly worked. Skip the occasional day. Then every other day. Then only take them every third day, etc. This is one instance (I think) where a dead stop might give you some discomfort. Your innards need to start working on their own again and just like you wouldn't get out of bed after a six month illness and run a marathon, I don't think expecting your digestive system to just bounce back immediately is feasible either. That's just one woman's experience.

    Good luck.
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    I used to suffer constipation when I was on my normal grain-based diet and when I started PB a few months back it got a little worse but I knew that I had to stop taking Senna as its not particularly good for you to take on a regular basis. So, after searching through forums (including this one) I discovered that a 1/4 teaspoon of powdered vitamin C and a 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium citrate each morning/evening did the trick.

    There's also more fat in my diet these days and I drink plenty of water when I feel like it during the day. I think that these four things are what now keeps me nice and 'regular' now - I'd certainly recommend giving it a try. I'm in the UK and I order my vit C and mag cit from if that's of any help.

    Hope you get it sorted!

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    Yes, I used to need them back when I was eating a crap (no pun intended) vegetarian diet with lots of grains and junk food. My intestines were in terrible conditions despite being thin. Now I eat a lot of vegetables, a lot of fermented foods (miso, kimchi), and Greek yogurt, and supplement with magnesium citrate. Things have been fine now.
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    I used to be addicted to them too when I was a competitive lightweight rower in high school. I'd use them before weekly weigh-ins to loose water weight. Not nice. I also found that magnesium and vit c worked well for me in addition to the removal of dairy from my diet. If I even have a few dairy filled pieces of chocolate or a touch of butter I get bunged up. I believe it's a symptom of casein intolerance. That's what works for me.

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    Can I suggest trying dark chocolate and prunes instead of laxatives? Might be a bit more primal
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    Check out Gut Sense: How to reverse and prevent constipation in children and adults There is a wealth of information on this website.

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    Thank you all. I've been using Milk of Magnesia as a laxative for several years now, at my GP's recommendation. For at least the last 9 months I've been using it daily.

    I've been on primal 7 weeks and it has cured a number of problems.
    First the tendency or desire to vomit was gone in 2 days.
    Second the IBS gas and water bloating was gone in 2 weeks.
    At 3 weeks I began taking Milk of Magnesia every other day instead of every day.
    After 5 weeks my completely dead bowel began working again.
    At 6 weeks I began taking Vits. D3 and C and Magnesium Citrate (800 mg).

    But hewn granite have nothing on the consistancy of my stools.
    First I tried 6 prunes,6 apricots, and a glass of prune juice daily with chocolate. No effect.
    Next I tried going two days in between. That worked once, but I (literally) strained my pushing muscles and they're still sore. The output was a large rock.
    Recently I tried switching to a stool softener. And that had the effect of poisioning me and lots of gas and water bloat. I'm only over it today. It's strange that medicines I have taken before primal and used to work, either don't work now or seem to poision me.

    I don't have an e-reader and can't find any other way of buying "Gut Sense". Does anyone know how? Or should I get an e-reader?

    Or is the answer staying on primal and waiting longer for a solution?

    Any other suggestions.
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    my dad started using a "squatty potty" (I think that is what it was called) stool so that he went in a position that sort of replicates squatting. This relaxes a muscle whose function is to help with holding it in. The Squatty Potty Toilet Stool might be helpful during the process and you aren't substituting one drug for another. You could probably just use a regular step stool? just a thought
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    If you have an IPad or smart phone you can download the Kindle App for free. Then you just need to set up an Amazon account, and you can have every book you ever wanted
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