Hey guys! So i'll just jump right to it. I'm 26 years old, about 115 pounds, and have had a terrible diet for most of my life. You name it, pizza, cookies, any type of junk food I would eat. I figured I could eat whatever junk I wanted just because I'm slim. I've also lead a pretty sedentary lifestyelf. I've been able to get away with this until recently, where i've started to have GI issues with constipation.

I hate feeling sick, so I've started doing research. This looks like it might be a good healthy lifestyle to adopt. I guess my main question is would this diet be suitable for someone of my body type? For others it seems to create weight loss, but would it help me in GAINING weight? Even if I stayed around the same weight, and became healthier I'd be completely fine with it. Would changing to this lifestyle complicate any constipation issues that you guys know of?

Thanks for any tips given in advance! I'm hoping to improve my quality of life by adopting this lifestyle for good