Hey people,
Just wondered how people find they get on when they are away on holiday?
I am currently away in Canada for two weeks, and have been Primal for 6months now which I really enjoy-once I got my head round it!
I can feel I've gained weight since here and have also found my late night sugar cravings have returned massively and am now craving bad food
Which I really thought I'd knocked on the head!
I have been easily led to the sweet shop for hoards of choc every night after dinner
I have been trying to make my choices primal, eggs for breakfast, big veggie salads for lunch minus any horrific dressings, but def succumbed to a couple of SAD meals, and having a couple of alcohol drinks every day.And diet coke-which had layed off big time!
What does everyone else tend to do while on holiday? Do u relax a little and cope with any "damage" weight gain when back? And just do opposite to me and not OCD stress!?
I am SUCH,SUCH a worrier and it really stresses me out and in a way it spoils my holiday as I've always struggled with my weight so much, I train really hard at home and can already feel muscles depleted-even tho bought a weight with me and been trying to do some!!

Also my horrific pre PB heartburn has returned with a vengeance and digestive probs-paaaiiiinnn!!

Suppose all just goes to show that the PB way of life works-BIG TIME!
Any advice or inspirational words welcome!