I need a place to vent. The Husband thinks Primal is crazy, and WRONG. The kids sort of understand but won't get on board with their dad not buying in. The weight loss group I am part of on FB is all about WW and Jenny and SAD/Food Pyramid. Ugh.

First rant:
We were at Disney, a food heaven for all sorts of ways of eating, including not super-strict Primal (not everything is organic or grass-fed, etc). I ate really well (save for the chocolate cake I planned for; surprisingly did not get cravings or tummy issues) with a great Canadian raised steak dinner for the birthday, tossing all buns, ignoring bread, embracing delicious fresh salads, water only (except wine with dinners).

Well, the Sweet Boy had ice cream one day. He was in pain. It hurt his tummy, intestines; even his lower back hurt. The Husband tells him to loosen his belt, thinking it was too tight. Not the issue. And this in not the first time it's happened. We've had him checked for lactose intolerance but the test was negative. Whatever. I asked the boy to take 2 weeks and stop eating or drinking dairy. No cheese, no yogurt (which of course is the sugary type, though only plain vanilla; no GoGurt shit here), no ice cream, no milk, etc. Let's try it and see what happens. I've asked him to do this before but it never happens.

Why? The Husband steps in and says, "Let's have him retested for the lactose issue." WHAT?? Or how about instead we conduct our own experiment and see how that works out. Maybe he just shows negative. Maybe the sensitivity isn't necessarily lactose but something else associated with the dairy. I tell the husband I was never tested for any digestive issues I had but once I started to eat Primally they disappeared in a matter of days. No test needed. A test would be a waste of time. I feel better so there's no need for a test, IMO. Why can't we try the same with the boy?

It's just that the husband is so sure CW and counting calories are the best way to lose weight. He is positive our food supply is just fine; if the gov't says so, it must be true (though he questions so many other things the gov't says). He knows he can't live without grains or other things that make him feel terrible, partly because they taste good and partly because he doesn't see anything wrong with them. DiGironio pizza? Let's eat, just in moderation! That thing in a box? That mac and cheese with powdered orange-dyed "cheese" flavor? Chips and dip from a supermarket jar? Just don't eat too much!

I am now aiming to prove Primal can be the best way to eat. I am buckling down my own eating habits, no excuses. I am relearning Primal, the nuances from the book that I may not have picked up on in my first full reading or my subsequent section readings. I will be a picture of health to prove this is right, and then maybe he'll allow our son to give up the foods that seem to make him double over, hunch over in pain.