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Thread: From the same person that brought you the Segway

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    From the same person that brought you the Segway

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    No muss, no fuss. No need to worry about what you eat just eat whatever you want and pump it into the toilet before it turns into fat on your hips.

    I wonder if they will make a Segway mount for it?

    New stomach pump would send food from stomach straight to toilet - CBS News
    AKA: Texas Grok

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    Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light

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    I give him the benefit of the doubt, as he also designed a cheap water purifier for third world applications that may help tens of thousands obtain clean water...

    And, he's obviously applying his brain to what he has been led to believe is true, the "calories in, calories out" model.
    Peak weight on Standard American Diet: 316.8 lbs
    Initial Weight When Starting Primal: 275 lbs
    Current weight: 210.8 lbs
    Goal weight: 220 lbs (or less): MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    The way "" should have looked:

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