I'm halfway through a whole 30 (how come the first time I decide to do this, there aren't fifteen threads titled Whole 30 January?) and I have crazy energy. I feel so crazy good, I walked, made mayo, fixed lunch, practiced my fiddle and found a recipe for tonight's dinner all before leaving for work this morning.

So now I'm at work, sitting at my computer, waiting for some work to come in and I'm wiggling in my seat like a little kid in church service. And I'm so happy! It just feels wrong that this much energy and joie de vivre should be wasted in a subdued office environment!

(I do like my job. No micromanagement, I do art, I can even watch movies while I work and when I get off work I never have to think about it)

Although I've been eating primally for awhile, this is my first whole 30. I miss coffee w cream, wine, cheese- I don't miss sweeteners, amazingly enough! But I don't miss them enough to ruin this high! I might just have to keep on keeping on....