Hi everyone,

I started the Primal "diet" on January 2nd, so I am just over 2 weeks into this. I decided to go as Primal as possible
cutting out all grains,sugar and dairy (except butter).So far everything is going great! I have managed to stick to it 100% and I feel great! The first few days I was a little bit irritable ( big understatement ). But, once I got through those first few days my mood stabilized and I started to feel fantastic. I have suffered from anxiety for the last 3 years,which has been very difficult ( I wouldn't wish this on anyone ). I find since cutting all of the crappy food out of my life I am feeling less and less anxiety. I have also given up alcohol,I am a fairly heavy drinker
I would usually drink 3-4 times a week. I don't seem to crave it all and I am crediting my new way of eating for that.
My husband has also decided to go Primal as well, actually he started first and I decided to join him. It is so awesome that we are doing this change together,I love that we are in the kitchen cooking together again .Ok, let me tell you a little bit about me.I am 42 years old and a mother of five, four girls and a boy! Their ages are 23,20,17,15 and 8,plus I have grandaughter that is turning 3 in March.I have always had a hard time with my weight,I have managed to stay "fluffy" most of the time.In the last couple of years I have put on around 20 pounds and am going to take it off once and for all! Since going Primal I am down 6 pounds! I am thrilled with this! I started to workout a few days ago,nothing major,I am doing 30 minutes on my treadmill on a 5% incline,a few weights and a plank (Usually around 45 seconds). I will step it up a bit shortly! I am really looking forward to all the changes to come with my new way of living!!

Age: 42 year old female