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    Liver pretty much disintegrates into a smoothy. Just ask my kids .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammies View Post
    I hate liver too, with a passion. This is the least offensive version I have found But I cube the liver in to tiny pieces before frying, and top it would lots of lemon juice and cilantro. It's not too terrible.

    I also can choke down yakitori style chicken livers at a good japanese restaurant. I am going to try to figure out how to make those next.
    What?? What?? Japanese food + liver?? Why have I never heard of this before? I MUST try this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    US Wellness meats, in their pet food section, sells blended GF meat, heart and liver and you can use it in anything you would use regular ground beef and nobody would know the difference, meatloaf, marinara, meatballs, etc. I just don't tell my dog I'm ordering pet food or then he would want me to share.
    I have wondered for a long time if the pet burger is fit for human consumption. Nice to hear that it is...

    And I agree, liverwurst, even if you have to get it from your grocery store, is a very tasty way to have liver. Another option is to try some fancy liver pate. I found some at whole foods that was pork liver and mushrooms and cheese. It really didn't taste like liver much at all. I didn't like it as much as just a big old pan of liver and onions, but you may like it.
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    Chop the liver into tiny sticks when it's half frozen and fry it with lots of onion. Add some white and black pepper and salt, that's how I like to eat my beef liver...

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    There are so many great responses that I have enough motivation to try again. I mixed in the pâté with my eggs this morning, i couldnt taste it much; but I still had a hard time getting it down which proves that my husband is right about it all being in my head.

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    Could anyone recommend a good liverwurst or liver sausage? Most I've looked at contain sodium nitrate.

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