when i did my 52 new things to try for 2013, i put down a week of carnivory as i so couldnt face the thought of a week of raw veges and fruits. then i got ill, long story short, i got nasty native nettle poisoning so i was off food for the day. that day i did a couple of cups of coffee, lots of water and had some roast pork belly for dinner and thought. i will keep going. so i did. i am limiting myself to an approximation of 1200 cals a day. so far, i generally am hitting equal fat and protein ratios. usually zero carb altho i have made it as high as 4g or so with things like a smidgen of chopped red onion and lemon juice in my raw fish salad. i am also throwing in the odd coconut product. this is based on figures for everything from a random US calorie counting site. www.nutritiondata.self.com so it could be wrong as all our meat is grass fed. and i just count steak, not the cut etc. so it prob not scintillatingly accurate.

i made it thru week 1. now onto day 9. co-incidentally weighed on day 4 and day 8. same approx time of day. same clothes as i was at the gym and have a 2kg loss. i dont really eat carbs so i doubt it is just water. i have no carb flu symptoms and my pee smelt ketoney on the first few days and still does in the morning. what else? i can still lift the same weights and i dont bunk off ever so it is always challenging. i get the brain fog after heavy training but i usually get that so no diff there. i can still walk up hill and down dale with no noticeable effects and i can still do stuff like rock climb around the beach. my thought processes are clearing too.

so....... i am going to keep going for 2 weeks. i will put my observations here so i have something to look back on. right now i am tending towards getting in more raw meat or kai moana. loved the raw fish salad. not so hot on the raw liver salad lol

another thing i was wondering about is do carnivores eat honey? i know there is hot debate in the vegan camp as it is an animal product. i wondered as i got some fish i was smoking and usually you put salt and sugar on it. i have a mate who puts honey on too. i didnt have any honey at the time so it was a moot point but i still wondered.

any input from anyone with carnivory experience would be welcome =)