Hi everyone,

I am just starting out on Primal and have three questions. Should veggies, for example greens, be measured raw or cooked? 2 cups of cooked vs raw is a big difference in volume. I want to be sure to get between 100-150 grams of carbs. I did Atkins about 7-9 years ago and lost a ton of weight but I was SO carb restrictive that I felt I was dying. I had a horrible color, always really cold and tired. The tiredness was the worst part. This time around I am alot older and want to do this right. I want to lose weight and have enough energy to have an active lifestyle. I plan on joining Krav Maga and want to do well.

My second question is: Is it alright to eat mostly coconut oil, olive oil and avocados for fats instead of animal fats. The reason for this question is that I eat Biblically. The Bible says to not eat any animal fat and thats what I follow. and yes I do know what is allowed rabbinically but I don't care. I only follow what the Word says. Will an avocado a day ruin any chance of losing weight?

My final question is: If i lose all the excess weight that I would like to lose, about 80lbs, and add A LOT of lean muscle mass, will this muscle mass make it easier to keep the weight off? Meaning that if I slip up and binge as i did at least once on Atkins, will I have a hardcore layer of lean muscle mass underneath a triple layer of fat or will it be easier to stay thinner? I hope that makes sense.

I have been overwieght since i was 4 months old. I have successfully lost 86 lbs before and kept it off for 2 years, but then i slacked. I am now older and i don't drink alcohol, or smoke or do drugs anymore. I am kosher, and gluten and diary free. I have been 90% grain and legume free for the last month and i havn't even started primal diet yet. I don't drink anything but water or sugarless tea. i don't even use natural sweetners other than honey or vanilla extract. i am 100% fastfood free and have been for at least 1 year. i want to succeed.