I am 48 and have been grey since my late 30s, really I have been turning grey since I was in my 20s. When I became a Grandma 5 years ago, I stopped coloring my hair and I am lucky to have pretty grey hair. I have been Paleo/Primal for about 10 months. In that time, I have also stopped using shampoo, and I seldom use any other hair product or even soap. I spend less than five minutes on my very short hair a day, if that. And, I don't smoke or hang out with people who smoke.

One day last October, a co-worker frowned at my head and asked me if I was coloring my hair again. She said it looked blond. I didn't believe her until I really looked at my hair in the mirror and it did look more blond. My hair had lots of different colors, as happens when a blond turns grey, so you can imagine my surprise when I realized the primary color was once again blond. It wasn't a real strong blond, more like the white blond I was when I was very young. As I was telling my husband about it, and he was agreeing that it was blond again, I looked at his mostly grey beard and realized it was getting darker. My stylist noticed the return of color and had a difficult time believing it was natural.

I don't have any allusions of my hair ever being as blond as it was before I started coloring it, I am just amazed that any color has returned.

Has anyone else experienced this or heard of it?