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Thread: Resistant Starch - A Solution In Search of a Problem

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    Hi, sorry haven't been following this thread all the way through, there is a lot of talk about potato/green banana starch, is there any inform on how RS1 (RS1 – Physically resists digestion because of a protective matrix or coating surrounding the granules found in whole grains, legumes and seeds.) differs? I tried before cold boiled potatoes, beans and legumes, but didn't get much results on the weight loss front, but recently am trying nuts and seeds, and finding its helping me stay satisfied and noticed some shrinkage / clothes becoming loser.

    Can someone tell me the difference, I am aware that seeds and nuts are also high in fat and have some protein, but other RS are very low or no fat, could that make a difference?

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    Hi Hotmail, This is an old thread. There is another that is currently active where you should ask your question.

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