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Thread: Bone broth timing?

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    Ok thanks that makes sense

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    I just made a batch for the first time this week and have been drinking it daily. I look at it more as a mug of nutrients than a beverage. I am incredibly active this semester, and I know that my joints are going to start groaning pretty soon, so I'm hoping to grease them up with this. I drink a cup daily, whenever I can squeeze it in between meals. I don't particularly like it, it has an awkward taste, so I'm trying to figure out how to dress it up. Yesterday I used a chai tea bag, which was bizarre, not good or bad, just bizarre. Anyways, good luck with your broth, and try not to stress about timeliness, remember, it's just broth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinglee1984 View Post
    Didn't really consider the fact of drinking it to quench a craving, I was more looking at drinking it for potential health benefits, I was planning on making a big batch and freezing the majority and drinking a cup a day? Seems like the consensus might be that its overkill? I don't have any leaky gut issues that I know of just wanting to prevent anything
    well for me i try to listen to what my body is wanting (except when it screams CANDY!) so that's what i meant. and of course, i think most of us make it for health benefits but it should also taste good! mainly, unless you put tons of salt in it, i don't think it could possibly ever be overkill! enjoy.

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    I grind my bones and veggies, so it is reeeeeeeeeally thick. So I eat it like soup, usually with a small smashed up baked tator in it, with about 1/4 cup or so of sauerkraut. Nom Nom Nom
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    I've started drinking a mug of it (seasoned) instead of coffee at around 11.00. Lovely! Also love to make soups with stock.

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