Hi everyone!
I came across this site as I've been searching for answers to my health problems. As I'm reading, it all makes sense to me. I've been hypoglycemic my entire life, with allergies and asthma....and it's hard to think all the way back, but I've had GI issues for awhile, too. After having my 3 kids, I feel like my body is just shutting down. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was told to take Prozac or Ritalin. I rejected both because I knew deep down that there is something REAL going on in my body, and that there has to be an answer. I believe what Hippocrates said when he said "let food be your medicine and medicine your food". I had cut gluten out of my diet as an experiment and all of my IBS symptoms went away, but I still have enormous fatigue, depression, mood swings, etc. I had to give up Zumba class because I would get so light headed and sick. Long story short, I know this is the way I need to go but I'm having such a difficult time cutting out grains. I have little kids who like it when I bake cookies and home made bread, and as a stay at home mom on a limited budget I simply cannot afford $10 for a small bag of coconut flour! If I spend money like that, my husband will divorce me. We just can't do it. So, as I'm scanning through all of the delicious recipes, I'm constantly thinking "that's gonna be expensive"....I need simple recipes and snacks that my kids are going to like. We basically eat chicken, ground turkey, and some wild salmon with sides of veggies like mashed cauliflower, broccoli, kale, etc. It's lunches and breakfast that I struggle with. We've been eating oatmeal every morning! My husband doesn't have time in the morning for anything but cereal out of the box. I don't want to torture anyone, but I know we need to change our diet. Help!