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Thread: Using coconut oil without the coconutty flavor?

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    For those who are like me and constantly searching for the perfect and convenient to purchase coconut oil, I recently tested Wholefoods 365 Brand "Expeller Pressed Virgin" Coconut Oil. I picked it up because I saw that it said it was "expeller pressed" and I needed an oil that was low in coconut flavor (I use both, but for different things.) What I didn't notice before purchase was that it also said "virgin." I guess because there really is no such thing as virgin coconut oil, the term can be used any was the producer wants. However, I've always assumed that expeller pressed = less/no flavor, virgin = more flavor. Both terms shouldn't be able to be on the same label together. 365 brand proved me wrong.

    My review - a nice and somewhat mild coconut flavor, which I think would be too strong for anyone who doesn't like the flavor of coconut. However, it is not a truly strong flavor like Nutiva's Extra Virgin for anyone who is looking for that bold flavor. For me personally, it is not very useful. I often like the strong flavor when cooking something for myself or just spooning it out of the jar, but use the flavorless oil when cooking something for me and my wife (who doesn't like the taste of coconut.) So this oil, though not bad tasting, doesn't really satisfy my personal needs.

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    Not knowing anything about coconut oils when I began Primal, it happens that my first jar of the stuff had no flavor. Well, I've just finished my first jar, and opened my second jar. 2nd jar is a different beast altogether. It tastes like coconut! I am not a big fan of the taste, so I was disappointed to say the least. It took me 3 or 4 months to get thru the first jar, and I dread the next four months of dealing with the flavor.

    Here is a pic. The jar on the right has the flavor of coconut, the (empty) jar on the left does not have the flavor.
    Maybe this will help others.

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    Yep, I use the Spectrum organic (the pic above) for cooking all the time.
    I have a big jar of extra virgin Nutiva, which is still half full after more than a year. Last nite I made "white chocolate" by mixing some of it with cream. It tasted decent, but it made me feel sick for hours. So I gues it's gonna take me forever to use it up.

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    Those are the two kinds I've had. I'm with you, I like the Spectrum one better. I've never been a big fan of coconut flavor. I found that making chocolate with it helped. It gives some sweetness to the chocolate but doesn't overpower it.
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    Spectrum comes in a refined version and a virgin version. If you want the high heat tolerance and the mild/no-flavor version, but the refined. I still recommend Tropical Traditions, who sell many, many versions from refined, cold-pressed extra virgin, and everything in-between.

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