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Thread: How to gain muscle, strength and power quickly. Interesting experiment.

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    His proof would be that he doesn't believe a previously trained individual can pack on 17lbs of primarily muscle in one month. Its the same thing about the whole Tim Ferris bit where he puts on even more than that. Or even that Casey fella from way back one (the one in the 4hr book). I have no comment on the possibilities. Lots of "experts" will tell ya 2lbs a month is all you can gain naturally. I only have personal experience with cutting weight drastically and putting it on quickly via fasting and water manipulation for matches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misabi View Post
    If you're saying that he had essentially already done the same leading up to the start of this experiment to make his start weight lower, and the mass gain easier, I have no comment as I don't know the author. If you've got proof backing up your statement I'd be interested in seeing it though, because that would suck.
    No offense, but Nate Green is just another douchebag who preys on gullible people with unrealistic dreams of becoming a cover model. Seventeen lbs of muscle in five weeks? Yeah, I'm sure that's going to happen. Anyway, he has a quadruple digit number of posts and articles on T-Nation, which includes plenty of progression pictures. It shouldn't take long to realize that 170 lbs isn't his normal weight.

    In fact, he posted this in one of the threads:

    I fluctuate between 190-195 at 5'9".

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