Yesterday my home was filled with the most tantalizing aroma ... I used the recipe that was recently posted in Mark's blog for Crispy Carnitas. It is so fracking amazing ! I'm still rather blown away by the fact that I have never eaten Carnitas. I grew up in a small Texas town where the primary foods are either barbecue or Mexican. Living in Santa Fe, NM for close to five years, one would assume I would have eaten it there too, but no. Not one single time .... until now.
I've grown up eating what I hunted myself, from venison to javelina, with the random small game thrown in here and there, along with interesting and tasty tidbits of barbecued marrow-gut, cabrito, even mountain oysters. SO ... HOW did I miss out on the Carnitas ?
Last night's dinner was sublime, genuine mouth watering bliss .... the meat literally fell apart, and the natural fat kept it moist and so rich tasting.
I made "tacos" with large leaves of romaine, piled high with the meat, and finished off with finely chopped sweet onion and a liberal squeeze of fresh lime juice. It was so wonderful, I ate the same thing this morning !

This morning I checked the ads for the local grocery store and now I even happier ... the pork shoulder/butt price is at $1.00 per pound ! OMG ... going to the store later for more ! (hhhmnnn ... and more romaine and fresh limes too !) I would be jumping up and down if it was pastured pork, but nonetheless, I am thrilled !

THANK YOU MARK for an amazing recipe !