I think it's everybody's concern here to stay as much primal as possible even while on holidays. Or at least, for me it is

I have been thinking alot about a collective project to list all primal friendly restaurants where we live or restaurant we find while traveling abroad, with name, lat/long and one row of comments (or website where available). The idea is to make a continuously growing POI file for Google Earth which can also be exported to mobile devices or handheld GPS navigators.

I am available to take the ownership of the file maintenance and will try to regularly post updates. I hope I'll have a lot to do because it will mean that the list is going to be huge

I start.

From my recent trip to Paris, the city of french croissants and baguette, I have been very lucky to find the following address:

Name: Charbon Rouge
Lat/Long: 48.868983N 2.304113E
Notes: Argentinian grill with big choice of meat. They also have roasted bone marrow as starter, a must try
Website: CHARBON ROUGE : les Viandes du monde grillées au charbon de bois