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Thread: For Those Of You Who Bought A Paleo Recipe Book...

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    For Those Of You Who Bought A Paleo Recipe Book...

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    You can find paleo recipes all over the internet for free.

    So I was just kind of curious, for those that bought a recipe book, why did you?

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    To support the people who write decent cookbooks.

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    True, I mostly use recipes from the Internet. But I like to read cookbooks.
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    ^ that and i'm hopeless at organizing, so recipe books are pre-organized
    yeah you are

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    I love books, I really love books, did I say that I really, really love books? I have a huge bookcase (15 feet wide and 8 feet high or something - half of it is books about art and theory) and it is stuffed with books. And I have a thing for the library where I check out and covet other books. I have three paleo cookbooks, and if I find more I will buy those too.
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    I bought marks cookbook because I figured the best way to prepare primal meals was to use recipes he says are primal. Also to support his site which is a treasure.

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    I like to support the paleo/primal community as much as I can. Plus I have favorite chefs and its easier to have all their recipes in hard copy form than soft. Some/Most of their recipes can't be found online so the book is the only way to get them.

    And food (especially hot oil) splattered on the keyboard always causes problems.
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    I love books. I still get recipes online, but I still love to browse through cookbooks. Even been known to read a new cookbook in bed!

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books.
    Especially love cookbooks - I read them in bed, too.
    Want to support Mark, in particular, as he has added incredible value to my life and health.
    Not all cookbook recipes are online... gotta go to the source for the hidden gems. And often the added sections of books, like bibliographies, footnotes, introduction, etc. yield incredible info/sources for further reading.
    Books don't need recharging, ever.
    Books don't emit blue light.
    My computer is not in our small kitchen, so either I run back and forth a lot, or I make a hard copy, which is just the same to me as "shoulda' bought the book because it ended up on paper anyway". Unless I borrow the book from the library, but here we are, back at BOOKS.
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    I just got the Paleo Slow Cooking cookbook. I got it because it was well done, with a good variety and simplistic meals (no pretentious crap). Also it is a concise reference for Primal style slow cooked meals.

    I should note that the book is very Primal, it seems that Paleo is just a better marketing term.
    If you like slow cooking, get this book!

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