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Thread: For Those Of You Who Bought A Paleo Recipe Book...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    Try "Martha Stewarts Cooking School". It is organized into sections by cooking method like steaming, frying, braising, etc, complete with a simple recipe that clearly demonstrates the technique, followed by just a few variations. My Second wants to be a chef, so I am forever on the lookout for books of this sort. Not everything is Primal, of course, but overwhelmingly Primal-friendly.
    That sounds like an awesome cookbook. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    I love books and especially cook books. I've bought several Paleo cook books and honestly the only one I find a complete waste of money is the Paleo slow cooking book by Chrissy Gover. It's full of recipes that use ready spice mixes from a specific small company and also store bought sauces. All of the others are a great source of inspiration.

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    I find it easier when cooking to follow the page in the cook book rather than on a piece of paper. Also it is a hassle to try and cook and read a recipe off the computer at the same time.

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