Hi everyone;

Yesterday I saw a integrative medicine physician at a pretty well known clinic. I waited months to see him. My goal was to find ways to improve my energy.

During the diet section, I told him how I eat and how I had made amazing improvements in my health, gotten my RA under control, and lost weight with paleo eating. He pointed out that meat was not healthy and should be a limited part of the diet. Ugh.

I mentioned that I found the data on meat unconvincing...blah blah blah, but that either way the diet was so successful for me I didn't want to change it.

He proceeded to bring up the diet and giving up meat about 15 times throughout our whole appointment. It was sooo aggravating. He suggested flax oil and cod liver oil was full of toxins and suggested avoiding all liver and shellfish. He then directed me to read "THE CHINA STUDY"!!!

It annoys me that I got next to nothing out of this two hours other than a thinly veiled attempt to promote veganism.

What a fricking waste.