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Thread: Making good quality protein go further

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    Making good quality protein go further

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    Hi guys. I'm a student, but I still try to buy the best meats possibly can on a small budget - leading to my discovery of the joys of organ meats (beef heart - YUM!).
    Anyway, i hoped someone might have some suggestions on how to make my meats go further, for instance what could I add to mince to increase the protein portion size?
    Turkey fillets and steaks throw up the same problem as I already have heaps of veggies but cant afford to eat a larger portion of the 'meaty bit'
    Any suggestions?

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    Traditionally you would stretch out meat by mixing in cheap grains like oatmeal or serving over noodles or toast.

    So replace those grains with veggies:
    Mixing in some cauliflower rice
    Serving over spaghetti squash
    Meatloaf packed with minced veggies (carrots, onions, celery)

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    Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein, even if they are factory farmed cheap ones. Omelets are a great sandwich replacement and are very easy to prepare and carry, eating them cold is quite expectable in my book.

    Adding eggs to Meatloaf or burgers is a way to stretch the your protein dollar (pound?).
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