This is my second week of adhering strictly to the Paleo lifestyle and I was truly sceptical. But not anymore. After 2-weeks I have lost almost 5 pounds, have a MUCH better attitude about everything, and take part in far fewer interpersonal conflicts. I think one of the greatest changes I have noticed honestly, is my mood and outlook. I have only been eating fish, pork and chicken and fresh veggies.

I have completely cut out all grains, breads, sugars, etc. (yes the first week was tough for me), and this week I have given up wine (the only alcohol I drink.) It will be interesting to see where this all goes but I am committed and hopeful. I was a constant eater of sweets, patries and cereals so it is a massive shift for me. For breakfast I have been eating simple omelletes with spinach, etc. I either skip lunch or just do salad or almonds.

I am a competitive road cyclist and train right up to the 75% H.R. (sometimes beyond) and typically will burn 1500-3000 calories per workout depending on what I am working on. I have noticed a reduction in endurance at intensity and that's fine. I know that once my fat-burning abilities up-regulate that will get better. I have however noticed greater power output (wattage) during some efforts. look forward to posting more interesting observations as they come up. I started out at a weight of 158 pounds and now at around 154-153. Not really trying to lose weight, just feel better and be healthier so that's cool! It will make me a faster climber. I limit my carbs to less than 100 mg.

Thanks Mark for sharing this insite with the world. I am so glad I found your book!