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Thread: The "Live like you will die today" cure.

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    The "Live like you will die today" cure.

    So, I may have cured my anxiety/depression for a long while. I have 3 close family members with stage 4 cancer, This news has occurred within the past 2 months. The freedom that comes with realizing, seriously, that you could die at any time has hit home. The result is that I do what I enjoy more than I ever have before, but only things that won't hasten my death. The stress at work is gone, because if I lose my job, at least I'm not dead. Long line at the store? traffic? Rude stranger? Fuck them, who cares, I could die at any time. It's a very zen, "Dude" approach. When you are free of fear, when you are free of stress, you are finally free to enjoy what you have.

    So, if you knew you had a year to live, what would you do?
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