So I can't deny that I have a horrible relationship with food. Horrible. On top of a horrible relationship with food I also have an even worse relationship with the scale. Two evils that need to be beaten with a little bit of ooga-booga and billy club tomfoolery. Will willpower prevail? Stay tuned!

I've struggled with various forms of eating disorders and in general self destruction, and while therapy has helped with a lot of the issues at hand the most prevalent is probably post traumatic stress disorder, and the main reason why I decided that I need to give this primal living a try.

I struggle with being able to sleep and when I do it's not long before the night terrors start sinking into my brain and rendering my subconscious into one gigantic lunatic that is rather frightening. I don't really know if proper eating can cure the demons that lurk within my subconscious, but at this point I'm willing to try it.

Question: Can I embark upon primal living without having to succumb to the tortures of the scale, or will I be forced to obsess over the numbers on a scale?

Well here starts day one!