I am 28w pregnant with twins. Last Fri (after going back and forth rather I should refuse the GD test considering what's in that drink) I decided to bite the bullet and do it. I drank 5 oz of that glucose nasty stuff and 1 h later they drew my blood. Yesterday my OB called to let me know "I'm a little too sweet": 170 and the norma range is 140. So Fri I have to go and do a 3 hour glucose test which means drinking more crap and drawing blood every hour (no water or anything allowed). I've been eating primal/paleo for over a year and a half. How is this possible? 3 years ago during my first pregnancy I had cereal EVERY SINGLE MORNING (whole grains, mind you), and even ate McDonalds more than I like to admit and I passed the 1h glucose test by a large margin. Now I am eating grassfed meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit and I faill. How is this possible? I tried to do some research specific to twin pregnancy but couldn't find anything about GD and primal/paleo diet or how a twin pregnancy is different than a singleton in this regard. Has anybody else experienced this? Or can think of an explanation?
I'm hoping this was just a false positive result and I will pass the 3 hour test. This week I decided to eat NOTHING besides meat, eggs and vegetables- not even fresh fruit which was my indulgence this pregnancy (and by that I mean 1 apple a day, or one banana, or a handfull of berries, not huge amounts). Hopefully I will pass the test on Fri.
But I have to say it makes me sooo mad. I always cooked from scratch but at this stage of TWIN pregnancy (so much different than a singleton pregnancy) it takes a real effort and motivation to stay on my feet and do that but I did it because I know it's what's best (and hubby doesn't cook). Having GD would make me so mad and would probably make me wonder "why put the effort into cooking when it doesn't make a difference"? I'm really pissed looking back at my diet 3 years ago or loking at what other friends are eating during their pregnancy (watching TV with a box full of ice-cream on their lap etc etc) and passing the test. How is it possible to fail on a paleo/primal diet?