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    Hello Everyone Newbie from South Fla

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    I've started eating Paleo on Jan 4th and really find this lifestyle easy to follow. I am 43yo male on a mission to go from a hefty 207lbs back down to 180lbs and to stay there. I know at 5'10" that is just unhealthy . I've been strict so far eating maybe 50-70g of carbs a day and absolutly no dairy or grains. Haven't gone through the carb withdrawal that everyone talks about or carb flu but also have stayed at 207lbs exact so I imagine it takes time to be a fat burner. I do walk 3x a week for an hour at a time and do pull-ups and pushups along with resistance band work twice a week. Usual caloric intake of 1700 calories and I do drink reg coffee.

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    Welcome! Just finding my way to these forums myself.


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    Welcome to this forum.

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