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Thread: Heads up - organic, raw milk cheddar (and more) on sale at ALDI

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    Heads up - organic, raw milk cheddar (and more) on sale at ALDI

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    I just ran in for some bananas and paper towels because I was next door, but to my surprise they had all kinds of organic stuff (their Simply Nature brand). I've seen a few things there before, I guess this is the first time I've been there during the actual sale week. Organic raw milk sharp cheddar, Kerrygold cheeses, organic string cheese, organic EVOO, organic frozen berries, free range chicken broth, etc. all at ALDI prices. Somehow I missed the Green and Black's chocolate, doh. I'll probably go back tomorrow and stock up, I'm going to put the EVOO in the fridge first though to make sure it's good before buying more.

    I know buying organic/pastured/etc. is a huge budget killer, thought I'd share because deals like this mean more $ for grassfed beef at the farmer's market!

    Just found the ad online: ALDI - This Week's Special Buys January 9
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    Wow thanks!!! I will check the ALDIs here in NY.

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