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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    I take 0 fish oil a day. I threw all mine in the trash about a year ago.

    The Great Fish Oil Experiment

    A little story on fish oil: EPA and DHA are the two least stable fats in nature. Soybean oil, by comparison, is far more stable. When you take fish oil, you are taking the least stable fat in nature that was chemically isolated from farmed fish in a laboratory somewhere, shipped across the country in the back of a hot tractor trailer, then sat in the stockroom or shelves under hot, fluorescent lights for weeks or months. There is NO WAY I'm putting that into my body. Even if by some miracle you are not ingesting an at least partially oxidized oil, it will oxidize as soon as it reaches the heat of your body.

    If you want the benefits of fish, eat fish. I'd rather have zero fish intake than take fish oil. But that's my opinion and personal perspective.
    Choco and I disagree sometimes but on this one he is spot on. My fish oil supplement is a can of sardines. Better yet a fresh piece of salmon.

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    Same here... no more fish oil pills. Do the reading and the experts agree that they are oxidized by the time they hit the shelf. You'll be increasing inflammation in the body by taking them. If you don't like fish you can eat a small amount of macadamias or walnuts, but I wouldn't worry about it. Someone mentioned that the promotion of the importance of Omega 3 is just a marketing tactic.
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