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Thread: OK, I'm really confused.

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    OK, I'm really confused.

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    I've read articles, and read some more articles, and I'm none the wiser. Here's some info about me:

    260lbs (approx 182lbs lean body mass)
    Just under 6 feet
    I go to the gym 3 times a week to do stronglifts (5x5x5)

    I have calculated my macro needs using Robb Wolf's troubleshooting thingy and after reading Mark's article on here, this is what I came up with:

    Protein: at .5g per pound = 91g

    Carbs: 75g

    Fat: this is what I'm finding to be way over the top. Apparently I will need 230g a day!!! It just seems way in excess...THat's 76g per meal (I eat three times per day).

    Could somebody please help me out here as I am really floundering.

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    I don't know anything about Robb Wolf, but I believe protein should be figured at .7-1 per lb. Should we assume your goal is weight (fat) loss? If so then use .7 or .8 and adjust carbs and fat around that.
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    you could probably increase the protein a bit...particularly once you get farther along in stronglifts. i sometimes find that keeping carbs low makes it difficult to raise the fat without also increasing protein intake. the trick is using the straight fats, like butter, coconut oil, olive oil. and, if you eat dairy, try marscapone or cream cheese or ricotta cheese. coconut milk is another way too.

    but, more important than all that, is that you obey your hunger. don't shove down extra fat because you think you need to hit some magic number. if you're not all that hungry, don't eat. you might eat way under your suggested calories, but if that's all your body needs at the time, then you're good.
    give stronglifts a few months, and eating the calories that come with 230g of fat will be easy.

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    and yes, you need a shit ton of fat. do not fear the bacon..... of course i rarely eat bacon but butter and parm on steak works well
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    Double the protein you need that more than overly excessive amounts of fat.

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    Why bother counting in the first place? Do you think our ancestors did that or even had to worry about it? Nope!!!

    Here's my take. If you're trying to lose weight, eat all the lean meat and non starchy vegetables you want. You'll get plenty of fat from that. So don't add any extra oils. Do that and the fat will melt off like crazy.

    Once you've lost the weight, reintroduce starchy carbs and fruits.

    Also, if you lose energy in the gym temporary, who cares. That's just what happens when you cut. Get the fat off as quick as you can. Once you lose the weight and get eating a bit more carbs again, you'll have plenty of energy.

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