I have been "primal" for a couple of years, and made effort to eat low carb for years (I grew up in a Zone-Diet household)
I would like to loose about 10lbs (currently 5'7", 135) but every time I try to do what I've always done (cut our all starch and most fruit and nuts) I feel really unsatisfied, and crave anything I am not "supposed" to have and end up throwing in the towel. Then often go the other direction and over do-it on carbs and nuts and honey and all other sorts of deliciousness.

I don't eat gluten or dairy (intolerant to them) but I feel like all I want to eat is tahini, nuts, bananas and rice with lots of butter. I just ate a salad for lunch with hb egg, left over steak, beets and vinaigrette- and didn't enjoy it and then found myself reaching for other stuff that DID sound good!

Any insight as to why I am turned off to my normal diet? Has this happened to you? What do I do?? Can I loose weight without cutting carbs?