I have been reading these for a couple months and they have been so inspirational to me that I wanted to start one of my own.

I have wanted something like this - to be part of a community of like minded individuals that can help me expand my knowledge and hopefully at some point perhaps I too can inspire someone starting out.

I will start at the beginning. Why I started this. I am in my early 30s. I had a general feeling of unwellness. A sense of not living a healthy life. As if my insides were not clean...I do not know if that makes complete sense to all of you, but I do believe some of you will understand my meaning.

For most of 2012 I gorged on the most horrible things: pizzas, hamburgers, buffets, fried chicken - all tasty stuff in its own right and in moderation, but these were staples of my diet. I felt bad, looked bad, and my weight was going up. I'm about 5'8 so not very tall, and 220 pounds shows on my frame quite easily.

Some friends of mine were discussing their weight loss/fitness goals and strategies for 2012. I was, of course, a passive listener. One of them mentioned trying intermittent fasting. I thought to myself 'Hey, not eat for a few hours? I can do that.' And somehow while researching it, I came across this forum (which are one thing forums are really good for - drawing people in through different topics of discussion that show up in search engines). I ordered the book, read it, and the science and thought behind it made sense to me...so I went for it. I had tried other diet or fitness plans before, but I never understood them as well as I should have.

I have no cons to report so far. I started doing this in mid October. I track everything on a spreadsheet. So far I have lost 20 pounds, but there has been so little effort involved it feels almost like cheating.

I am eating well - delicious foods I am cooking myself. I feel nourished and healthier. I still occasionally eat junk foods, especially if eating out with friends. I don't feel bad about that. But it is maybe 1-2 meals topics and I eat, I do not gorge. I don't have those urges now.

My ultimate goal..at least my first one, is to slim down by about another 38 pounds. I am both excited and anxious because the weight range I'm in now is usually about where it starts to get tough for me. Part of that is that I let my guard down and start telling myself things like 'You've lost 20 pounds! Go ahead and have that cheeseburger. You'll start again on Monday!'

My approach to this has been to not treat it as a diet or a weight loss plan. I like to view it as a lifestyle aimed at improving my health and fitness levels. To that effect, I only weigh myself once a month - on the last calender day.

There, I have established some back story and laid the foundation for my future success. I HOPE to be able to report good things here. My first goal time wise is the end of June. Just to see what happens and assess how things have gone and where I need to go from there.

Thank you all, and I'm both happy and excited to be among you all.