Hi all,
I travel a lot and have also learned how to be more flexible and make my diet work for me to keep the fat off. But I get into habits that way of eating out all the time and eating what ever I want.

But now I want to try to get back to better foods again. Because I know if I do it right I can drop the fat quick. If you compare, the right foods you can eat until you feel stuffed and you'll still be low in calories.

I was inspired when a friend told me to read up on the Dukan diet. It's similar to what I have done before, but I never thought to just stick on it for more than several weeks. The thing I realize is that the author is right, although I doubt one would need to be as strict as explain. Eat lean sources of protein along with non starchy vegetables, and the fat will melt off like crazy. Also, even if you eat as much as you want, the calories will still be low, so you don't have to count.

Anyways, I started today. I'm not exactly super strict. But for dinner I had a dosen eggs, a little bit of chili, and some cottage cheese. That's probably about 2000 calories in which some of that will be knocked off due to the energy cost of digesting protein.

Anyways, I'm just going to stick to my own version. Lots of vegetables and lean proteins. Wish me luck!