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Thread: Have you been on a Carnival cruise while Paleo/PHD?

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    Have you been on a Carnival cruise while Paleo/PHD?

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    I'm going on one of those big, nasty cruise ships next month for some Vit D therapy (courtesy of my father) with my family. The only thing I have to be is GF (I have severe gluten intolerance at minimum) and the website makes it seem like no problem.

    Have you ever been on one of these? How was your experience? I can handle cross-contamination but not gluten in a tiny bit of broth that the rice was cooked in. Will it be a nightmare?


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    If they say they cater to gluten-free, then they do.

    Enjoy lots of shrimp.
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    I was on a Holland America cruise last spring. (All the lines are very similar.) There is always a salad bar option. I found I rarely went to the dining room at all. I just ate off the buffet. Omelet for breakfast and a salad w/seafood on top for dinner and you are good to go.

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    The thing with resturats such as these, is that they will get into HELLUVA trouble if they claim to be gluten-free, and still end up with a dying customer. If it is a serious company you can be assured that they value their reputation very highly in this regard.

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    Mrs. Koozie and I went on a Carnival cruise in 2005. She has Celiac and did just fine. There is sooooooo much food onboard a cruise ship. I ate 7 meals per day.
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